pre-shoot checklist

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Pre-Shoot Checklist

We've created the following pre-shoot checklist specifically for real estate agents and home-owners to minimize our time spent cleaning & maximize effectiveness & time behind the camera.

Please be aware that if our photographers have to wait around for the sellers to clean up the house/move things around, you can be charged an additional minimum of $50.

You and your client must ensure the following are complete in advance of our arrival, as the difference between an unprepared vs a prepared home is extremely important. If you don't follow this pre-shoot checklist, it WILL result in an impact in quality of the final deliverables. It is in your best interest to follow this checklist. Please realize that a picture & video are forever. Exactly how the home looks at the time of your session, is exactly how the home will look in your final deliverables.

Any additional photoshop work to clean up items that were missed is a minimum of $10 per image.

There may be an amount of items on here that do not apply to every property. Still, please pay close attention as all the items are important.

We want your session to go as smooth as possible not only for our photographers, but for you as well! As a super quick summary, a clean, tidy, and staged home sells faster than a cluttered and messy one. Following this checklist will ensure your property is ready for potential buyers to see themselves inside your home, without the home-owners personal items clouding a buyer's mental image.

We strive to deliver outstanding quality, and we need your help to prepare your listing for a well-executed session. Thank you!



Kitchen/Dining Room



Living Room/Family Room

Help us help you by ensuring your property is cleaned and cleared of any clutter, and is ready to the standard of our pre-shoot checklist. Our photographers will do their best to do anything on this list not accounted for before-hand, but our job is not to clean the property. We will not touch or move any personal hygiene items, & a minimum fee of $10 will be applied to each image that needs additional items taken out via Photoshop. Thank you for your cooperation.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time regarding the staging or preparation of your listing!